Join Us for a Live Google + Tenkara Hangout!


I thought it would be fun to try an informal Google + Hangout to talk tenkara.

I’d like to do a preliminary one just to see how it goes, and then maybe make it a regularly scheduled event where tenkara anglers across the US (or globe) can get together and have regular live video chats and share ideas.  It could be a fun way to leverage new social media and better connect with each other about our shared passion.  Personally, I’d love to put a face and voice to some of the names out there in the tenkara community!

Does more gear mean more fish?


[/caption]   Why is it that some people instantly embrace tenkara while others reject it outright? I have been wondering this for a long time now. I’ve read dozens of social media posts where people have written downright malicious comments about tenkara and tenkara anglers. The funny thing is, by their own admission, most of…

Horsehair Tenkara Flies

Horsehair Tenkara Flies

  That’s right–I said “horsehair tenkara FLIES”, not “horsehair tenkara LINES”.   Usually, whenever you combine the words “horsehair” and “tenkara” in the same sentence (or Google search), the discussion is inevitably around horsehair tenkara fly lines. But what many people don’t know is that horsehair (or, more accurately, horse tail) also makes an excellent…