Tenkara USA Line Holder Review

[/caption] If you’ve been following this blog, you might know that I’ve been playing around with some different methods of line management for Tenkara lines.  I’ve tried more traditional gadgets such as aged bamboo line holders, cheaper solutions like foam spools, and even some outside-of-the-box ideas like adapting add-ons from the spinning and bait casting…

The “Traffic Jam” Trico Cluster

If you’d rather fish a #14 fly during a heavy Trico hatch than a #22, check out the Traffic Jam

How to Tie the Traffic Jam Trico Cluster from Jason Klass on Vimeo.

Many of us who have fished Trico hatches probably have a love-hate relationship with them.  These notoriously prolific hatches bring a lot of fish to the surface but it can be impossible to pick out your #22 imitation from the thousands of others on the surface.  A fish could strike your fly and you wouldn’t even know it because there are so many rises surrounding it.  Probably many of us have wished we could fish a larger, easier-to-see pattern that we could distinguish from the mayhem during these exciting hatches.  This led some people to design double and triple Trico patterns that were a littler easier to see, but were unrealistic because of the way they are tied in perfect alignment (trunk-to-tail so to speak).  After years of observation, I had an epiphany that led to the creation of the Traffic Jam.

How to Make a “French Slinky” Strike Indicator

This easy-to-make strike indicator was invented by the French during an international fly fishing competition and was recently featured in Fly Fisherman Magazine.  It’s basically a monofilament “spring” that is very sensitive and gives you a good visual indication of even the most subtle strikes.  I don’t know if the French have a name for…