Tenkara Line Spools

Tenkara line spools make both long-term storage and moving from spot to spot more organized and convenient.    But just like every piece of gear, people will have their own preferences and demands. Today, we’re lucky to have a few different designs we can choose from to suit our individual needs.  In this video, I cover just a few different designs and where you can buy them.

Underwater Comparison of Eyed vs. Eyeless Tenkara Flies

I recently got some eyeless tenkara hooks from Tenkara Bum and have been having a lot of fun trying out different patterns. But I was curious…are the claims about eyeless hooks having more action in the water true?  So, I decided to do a (very unscientific) test and see.  I tied two flies with identical materials, put them underwater, and took video so I coud compare.