Gyotaku Trout Print

Gyotaku Brook Trout Print

Today, I received my long awaited gyotaku print!  In Japanese, “gyo” means “fish” and “taku” roughly translates to “rubbing”, so “gyotaku” could be translated as “fish rubbing”.  Basically, the process involves painting a fish (literally), then laying a piece of washi paper over it, rubbing it to transfer the ink (or paint) to the paper,…

Why I Left Tenkara USA

It’s with great sadness today that I announce my resignation from Tenkara USA.  Some of you might know that about two months ago, I joined the Tenkara USA team to help out with marketing and content development.  It was a great opportunity and of course I jumped at the chance but after getting into it, I found that it wasn’t feasible due to one factor that I overlooked:  time.