Combination Midge and Blu Winged Olive Fly

Jason’s Molive

Midge and blue-winged olive hatches often coincide and two fish in adjacent feeding lanes could be keyed in on one or the other. So why not fish a fly that covers both? The Molive (“midge” + “olive”) is a crossover pattern that can be fished during such hatches and can be mistaken for an olive…

Tenkara Eso Line Wax

Tenkara Eso Line Wax

We’ve all been there before. You’re fishing your favorite line and it’s the perfect color for the spot you’re on. You can see the tip perfectly and detect even the gentlest strike with ease. But then, things change. Maybe you move slightly upstream where the lighting conditions are completely different, or the sun suddenly disappears…

How to Use a Whip Finisher

How to Use a Whip Finisher

Here’s a quick video on how to use one of fly tying’s most iconic tools. It might seem intimidating to a beginner, but it’s actually quite easy to use if you follow these simple steps. On a side note, while they come in various designs, my favorite is this style because they rotate freely and last forever. I use the standard for general fly tying and the extended reach version for tenkara sakasa kebari.

Tenkara Hat

Tenkara Hat Contest

In the world of fishing, there is perhaps nothing more totemistic and sacrosanct as the fishing hat. Forget all your other gear. We all know that your lucky hat is truly the one thing responsible for having a successful day on the river. It’s your best friend. It’s familiar. You’ve broken it in just right.…

Tenkara Book

Tenkara–the Book

Several years ago, when Daniel Galhardo from Tenkara USA told me he was in the process of writing a book on tenkara, I was excited. At that time, there really wasn’t anything in print in English on tenkara and there was very limited information online (compared to today). Since then, a few English-language books and magazines…