Tenkara vs. Cane Pole Fishing

Tenkara vs. Cane Pole Fishing

Tenkara Rod:  Long telescopic rod with tapers specifically designed to cast a light line without weight Line:  Level fluorocarbon or tapered furled nylon monofilament, thread, fluorocarbon, or horsehair. Terminal Tackle:  None Lure:  Artificial fly Delivery:  Overhand cast, bow & arrow cast, roll cast, side arm cast, steeple cast, etc. (Same casts as in fly fishing)…

Me test casting prototype lines in my backyard

Fishing without Water

There’s an interesting phenomenon I’ve observed on many social media fishing sites.  It basically goes something like this:  Someone posts an idea.  Maybe it’s a new fly tying technique, a DIY project, a new way of rigging, etc.  Someone else responds to it saying that it’s too complicated, or takes too much time, and they’d…

Dr. Ishigaki Tenkara Fishing

Be a Heron!

When I fished with Dr. Ishigaki at Last year’s Tenkara Summit, the first thing that struck me about his style was his laserlike concentration. As soon as he locked his sights on his target, you could practically feel being shut out of his world. His focus was so intense, I felt like I didn’t exist–like…

Why I Left Tenkara USA

It’s with great sadness today that I announce my resignation from Tenkara USA.  Some of you might know that about two months ago, I joined the Tenkara USA team to help out with marketing and content development.  It was a great opportunity and of course I jumped at the chance but after getting into it, I found that it wasn’t feasible due to one factor that I overlooked:  time.